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500 Word "Local Waters" Essay | CS20-11 (1 Hour)

Description: Select (1) of the reports below and write a 500 word essay educating
the reader about your topic. Read the Instructions before beginning.

Topic: Pick ONE (1) of the reports to write your essay about. These reports are long (some 400+ pages!) so, find a section of the report that interests you to write about. Read the section you select in its entirety and spend some time considering what you
are reading; read the section at least twice. You can complete this form FOUR (4) times with ONE (1) essay for each report. (Reference in your introduction what page of the report you are writing about.)

Essay: When you finish reading your selection at least twice, start writing from memory about what impacted you the most from the report. Go back and read your selection again. Consider what you learned from the report and explain how you think the findings in that report might have changed, or are still changing, our community and/or our country today. Your essay should be between 490-500 words in length.

TOPICS (Select One)

1978 Public Beach Access & Recreation in South Carolina

1980 Public Access to the Beaches: A Survey of Recent State Action

1998 South Carolina State of the Beaches Report

2015 Horry County Comprehensive Plan - Envision 2025 - Natural Resources Element

Carolina Waterman

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