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Trent & Meghan Ventura

"We are working to build a community of local youth who are educated, and trained, to safely and responsibly experience their local public waters."

Volunteer Board Of Directors

Carolina Waterman Board Member Brent

Brent R.

Brent is a craftsman, entrepreneur, and sailor with nearly 500 miles logged on his 32' Catamaran. He is a free spirit wanting to pay it forward.

Carolina Waterman Board Member Roger

Roger Y.

Roger is a local musician and freelance writer. He is passionate about the Myrtle Beach community and is volunteering his time for this community. He is also the other half to Brenda.

Carolina Waterman Board Member Brenda

Brenda H.

Brenda is a local Tea Connoisseur. She is passionate about her community and is volunteering her time bettering the lives of local youth. She is also the other half to Roger.

Organization Information

Carolina Waterman

Please tell us a little about yourself. If you are seeking Court Ordered Community Service Hours please include how many hours you need and when they are due.

Watersports Equipment Donations
Please describe the item(s) you are interested in donating to the Carolina Waterman. We will review the information provided and will contact you shortly regarding your donation! Thank you!