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Adult Community Service Form

Adult Community Service Instructions

  1. You MUST select cleanup sites that are SAFE and LEGAL to access. (DO NOT GO TO: Busy Highways, Difficult to Access Areas, Other Dangerous/Hazardous Locations)
  2. Locations should focus on our community's public waters. (The Atlantic Ocean, Waccamaw River, ICW, Little River Inlet, Murrells Inlet, Winyah Bay, etc.)
  3. Dress appropriately (i.e. Closed Toed Shoes, Gloves, etc.)
  4. Use Your Phone to Take Pictures of Your Cleanup Location Before, During, and After the activity. (Make Sure Your Phone's GPS is Turned "ON" and is being recorded in the image's data)
  5. Complete this Form ONCE for Each Single and Concurrent Litter Cleanup Activity.
  6. We Will Review Your Form Submission and Award Documented Community Service Hours Based Upon The Carolina Waterman's Sole Discretion of the Contents of Your Submission. (Image Time Stamps, GPS Coordinates, Approximate Weight of Litter Collected, Quality Photos including: before & after images of cleanup sites, as well as images of the total amount of litter collected from EACH site and as a whole at the end of your cleanup activity. All of these elements will be utilized in determining the fair and appropriate amount of Documented Community Service Hours awarded for each form submission.)
  7. Dispose of Collected Litter in the Appropriate Waste or Recycling Bins. (VOLUNTEER RESPONSIBILITY)
  8. Be SAFE and Have FUN.

Carolina Waterman

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Please tell us a little about yourself. If you are seeking Court Ordered Community Service Hours please include how many hours you need and when they are due.

Watersports Equipment Donations
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Please describe the item(s) you are interested in donating to the Carolina Waterman. We will review the information provided and will contact you shortly regarding your donation! Thank you!